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Five Takeaways from the Week

Poliitcs had a busy week in Florida and dominates this week's five takeaways.

5.   Baker out of the Agriculture Race-  State Senator Carey Baker,  universally considered one of the good guys in Tallahassee, dropped out of the race for Agriculture Commissioner.  Baker, who many considered to be an underdog in his GOP primary against Congressman Adam Putnam, was nonetheless waging a very credible campaign.  His departure essentially sets up a match between Putnam and former Tallahassee Mayor Scott Maddox, who this week got a fair amount of attention for aggressively taking on near beach oil drilling.

4.  More from the GOP Soap Opera- This week brought more coverage of the ongoing drama at the Republican Party of Florida, as new disclosures showed that the party continued to run up their American Express card bill, despite Jim Greer's very public decision to cut up his own card.  Next week, the GOP will select a new Chair, ending what Marco Rubio this week called the "dark period" at the state party.  While many of my Democratic friends are having a good time with the drip, drip coming from the GOP, I have no doubt the party will recover. 

3.  Subpeonas in the Sansom Case include Rubio.  This week, the House committee investigating Ray Sansom made the decision to issue subpeonas.  The biggest news:  Marco Rubio will be asked to testify.  Up to this point in his Senate race, Rubio has had a pretty free run, but issues like the Sansom case will certainly lead to more public scrutiny.  Surely, there is no one more than Rubio that hopes this thing gets settled---because even if he had nothing to do with the case, the last thing his 'outsider' campaign needs is media attention that shows him to be the quintessential insider. 

2.   Redistricting Showdown in the Legislature.  This week, Ellen Frieden, Chair of the Fair Districts came to Tallahassee to testify before a joint House/Senate redistricting Committee to discuss the constitutional initiative that she is taking to the ballot next fall.  Like the initiative or not, Frieden more than held her own under four hours of intense scrutiny.  Certainly if history predicts anything, expect legislative leaders to continue use this soapbox to try to turn public opinion against the initiatives.

1.   Lincoln Diaz Balart to retire from Congress.  Catching many political observers off guard, Congressman Lincoln Diaz Balartannounced his decision to not seek re-election, setting off the dominos in Dade County.  The first move, Lincoln's brother Mario, the Congressman from the 25th district in Florida, announced his decision to run for his brother's much 'safer' seat, creating a opening in his seat.    State Representative David Rivera is assumed to be getting in the open Congressional seat, and there is considerable buzz that both State Senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla and Alex Villalobos are considering getting in.  On the Democratic side, many are encouraging US Department of Energy official Joe Garcia to get in the race. 

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