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Five Takeaways from the Week

This is a section I am going to try to do every week-  the five most noteworthy things that happened during the previous week.  I hope you will take a moment and comment if you agree or disagree, and certainly feel free to nominate things in the future by emailing me at steven dot schale at gmail dot com.

5.   Crist and Rubio are Tied.

Rasmussen Reports has the race at 43:43, and as the St. Petersburg Times showed, the trend in this race is indisputable

Many have suggested to me that this race is over, and in all fairness, Crist might be done.  But the Rubio would be wise to remember that this election is still nine months away and lots can happen.  However, if given a choice, I'd take Rubio's position over Crist's today.

4.  RPOF in Disarray

I honestly thought I'd never write those words.  Throughout my career, I have had the utmost respect for the RPOF's discipline and high level of staff talent (Frank Terraferma is one of the sharpest strategists anywhere, in my opinion) .  But at least on the discipline side, that has gone away, replaced by infighting and open questioning of financial mismanagement

It is almost as though they've studied my party's historical perfection of the circular firing squad.  Right now, they look more like us and we look more like them.  That being said, to steal from ESPN's Chris Berman:  'No one circles the wagon like the Republican Party of Florida.'  They will get it together and be strong organizationally again---and probably very quickly.

3. Wafflegate.

The decision by DOT officials to use breakfast code words to discuss the commuter rail/high speed train deals has led to a whole spate of one-liners around Tallahassee.  Alone, I probably got fifteen emails asking for my opinion on grits, or whether there was a coalition to support hash browns.  It has also led to Alex Sink calling for heads to roll at the DOT and Governor Crist authorizing an investigation into whether the agency's apparent love for breakfast foods was also an attempt to elude open records laws.

How far will this go?  It is hard to say.  But any deal that concludes with a Senate President losing his cool with the FL DOT Secretary probably means somewhere a long the line, changes will happen.

2. Ausley Considering CFO Race

It was reported on Friday that many Democrats have been encouraging Loranne Ausley to run for CFO, me included.  

Ausley is an extremely talented public official, one who knows how to put together a campaign, and who is not afraid to take on tough challenges.  In my opinion, should she make the decision to run, she will complete the strongest statewide Democratic ticket in Florida in at least a generation.  Personally, I hope she will.

1. SunRail becomes Law

On Wednesday, Governor Crist made it official.  Years of fighting over rail came to an end when the majority of players embraced the art of the possible.

In some ways, this is a law that creates a whole lot of political winners.  Central Florida leaders finally get their train, AFL-CIO President Mike Williams shows his union still has muscle, and Paula Dockery has an issue that she can 'rail' on for the next nine months. 

But without question, the creation of Sunrail and the possible high speed grant money from the US Department of Transportation will change the face of transportation in Central Florida and potentially statewide for generations to come. 

And for that reason, it is issue number one this week.

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Reader Comments (1)

Agreed about Ausley, she'd be fantastic. As much as I'm disappointed with the SunRail bill itself, like everybody else, I definitely see its advantages for Florida. Liking the weekly roundup, Steve!

December 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSeminole

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